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How YouTube changed me

Let me divide the story in two parts, first one is before starting the YouTube channel and other one is, yes you guessed correctly, after starting the YouTube channel. Let's start with the first one. So, i was that type of guy who was self confident but easily offended when some one says some thing negative about him. The reason behind that was not some so called personality defects. It's because of the fact that however right you are, some people will never leave a chance to make you wrong or prove you wrong. At that time, when someone criticized me of things that were actually wrong, i accepted that but the problem was here, when the things were actually right, i got somewhat angry, thinking that how can someone say this to me when i am actually right. I introspected my myself, went deep into this problem, found only one thing which i recently talked about - however right you are, some people never leave a chance to prove you wrong. There is also a very good thing in that, these type of people are very very less, most of the people appreciate us when we do something right or good or great or extraordinary whatever we say. But i was unable to find the solution of this problem - being angry or thinking continuosly what that person said.

We, as a human being love appreciation and hate criticism. But we should try to love both. Yes, we can do this. Let's see how.

Now, come to the second part. I will not talk about more than 95% people who appreciates us - write loving, supporting & motivationg comments for us. Let's talk about that less than 5% people who criticize us. There are three situations when they react badly. First, when you do everything right - they criticize you badly. Second - when you do something wrong - they criticize you badly. Third, when you do everything wrong - they critisize you badly. In short, whatever you do - they critisize you badly. There focus are always on finding things which help them prove someone wrong. If you are in second or third situation, these people are actually one of the best teacher for you, force you not to do wrong things. I really appreciate effort of these people to help us finding fault in us, which if we can overcome, will make us extraordinary person. But what about the first situation - some one critisize you, you introspect your doing/work and found nothing wrong, every one is appreciating you for your work but that some one saying negative about you. What to do in this situation?

After few months of starting my YouTube channel, i prepared a course on Non Conventional Energy Courses (NCER) which was compulsory course for all ungraduate engineering branches of AKTU. A huge number of viewers (my team), attracted towards that course because of its compact explanations. Almost everyone was pouring loving, supporting & motivating comments. Please read the first word of previous sentence - ALMOST. There were some people who genuinely helped in finding my faults, which i overcame, and changes begin to show in next courses. These are second and third situations. Let's see first situation. Some people, obviously very few, continuosly wrote abusing comments. My previous problem was again became alive.

First, i tried to ignore these type of comments. It helped me somewhat. Second, i tried to ask them very politely - First tell me my mistakes, why are you saying this to me? They did't have any answers. I learned at that time - they are just saying that because of their own problems. This was the first point of solving of my problem. After that, i some time reply, sometime ignore these comments, according to the situation and level of comments. When i sensed that the comments are of extremely low level, i found goodness in ignoring them.

These things came for days. Unknowingly, i was becoming more stronger, more secure with myself. Those were the days that changed me completely. At present time, if you say something appreciating, i love that, if you say something negative, i introspect myself, find the problems if any and solve them. If problem is not there in me, i simply move forward without a little bad feeling in my heart. I do love the critisizes now, it helps me become a good person by removing faults in me. In other situation, it makes me more calm because i learned that - if i am not wrong, there is nothing to worry about what some one is saying.

I learned to love both appreciation and critisizes through other people but maybe i could never found that situation to interact with thousands of people without starting the YouTube channel. That was life changing decision for me.
I do want to say about my viewers that you are not a person for me that exist some where on the globe. You all are my friends, life teachers, motivators and most importantly - we are TEAM!