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Real Time Systems
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  • Introduction & types.

  • Important concepts & terminologies.

  • Types of tasks and their characteristics.

  • Approaches to real time scheduling.

  • Rate monotonic (RM) algorithm with example.

  • AKTU 2014-15 question on rate monotonic algorithm.

  • Deadline monotonic (DM) algorithm with example.

  • Earliest deadline first (EDF) algorithm with example.

  • Least slack time (LST) algorithm with example.

  • Resource sharing - the blocking problem.

  • Priority inversion.

  • Priority inheritance protocol example.

  • Priority inheritance protocol algorithm.

  • A complex example on priority inheritance protocol

  • Priority ceiling protocol example.

  • Priority ceiling protocol algorithm.

  • Stack based Priority ceiling protocol.

  • Non-preemptive critical section protocol.

  • Multiprocessor task assignment with example.

  • Basic concepts in real time communication.

  • Real time communication model.

  • Priority-based service discipline.

  • Weighted round robin service discipline.

  • Virtual-time carrier sensed multiple access (VTCSMA) protocol.

  • Resource reservation protocol (RSVP).

  • Features of real time operating system.

  • Unix as a real time operating system.

  • Basics of general purpose & real time databases.

  • Temporal data & temporal consistency.

  • Basics of concurrency control protocols.

  • Pessimistic, optimistic & speculative concurrency control protocols.

Note : Some of the starting lectures are in english and all the remaining lectures are in hindi.

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