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Data Compression
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  • Introduction, types, modeling, coding, & performance measure.

  • Self information & entropy with example.

  • Uniquely decodable codes and prefix code with example.

  • Huffman coding with example.

  • Minimum variance huffman code with example.

  • AKTU 2004-05 question on entropy & huffman coding.

  • Unary code & and golumb code with example.

  • AKTU 2003-04-05-06 question on rice code.

  • Tunstall code with example.

  • Generating and deciphering a tag in arithmetic coding.

  • Basics & types of dictionary technique.

  • Diagram coding with example.

  • LZ77 basic, encoding & limitations.

  • LZ77 decoding.

  • LZ78 encoding.

  • LZ78 decoding.

  • LZW encoding.

  • LZW decoding.

  • GIF image compression.

  • V.42 bis compression over modems.

  • Context based compression & PPM basic algorithm

  • Prediction by partial (PPM) match example.

  • Burrows wheeler transform (BWT) encoding.

  • Burrows wheeler transform (BWT) decoding.

  • Basics of scalar quantization.

  • Quantization distortion.

  • Uniform quantizer.

  • Uniform quantization of uniformly distributed source.

  • Non uniform quantizer.

  • Adaptive quantizer

  • Vector quantization.

  • Linde-buzo-gray (LBG) algorithm example.

  • Linde-buzo-gray (LBG) algorithm.

Note : Some of the starting lectures are in english and all the remaining lectures are in hindi.

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